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More than 170,000 subscribers for Alexis Sanchez’s dogs!

August 17, 2022 at 12:50 PM by Thomas

Like their master footballer, Alexis Sanchez’s dogs have their little notoriety on social networks. – @alexis_officia1/Instagram

It is a peculiarity of Alexis Sanchez, the defector of Olympique de Marseille. Less his love for dogs, after all very banal, than the energy that the footballer puts into working on their notoriety. This was especially true a few years ago, when he began to create a digital identity for them, which he now applies on the contrary, in mask.

Dogs that the OM striker sought to popularize

Because yes, Alexis Sanchez has several dogs, but two that have a very special place in his heart: Atom and Humber, a duo of golden retrievers. Stars that we tell you, who have already been selected for commercial campaigns in Chile and have, for more than seven years, a dedicated personal page on the Instagram social network. Even switched to “private” mode, it is nonetheless followed by more than 170 subscribers. Either, not much less than the current captain of this start of the Marseille season, Valentin Rongier (209k).

One takes its name from a movie, the other from the family of Alexis Sanchez

Five years earlier, in 2017, Atom and Humbert were celebrated with a banner unfurled in their likeness at the Emirates Stadium, when Alexis Sanchez defended the colors of Arsenal. Since then, it is true, the breath of their notoriety has died down a little. Asked several years ago about the choice of names for his dogs, Alexis Sanchez explained about Atom, that the name had been inspired by a robot from the movie “Real Steel”, released in 2011. As for Humber , it’s a nod to his brother Humberto, “a nice guy just like Humber”explained the Chilean, who certainly did not come to Marseille, without his two faithful and popular four-legged companions.

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