Moulinex Juiceo ZU150110 juice extractor test: to eat and drink

The Moulinex Juiceo ZU150110 is after all a compact device. It only reaches 42 cm in height, which makes it the smallest vertical juicer in our comparison at the moment. The KitchenAid 5KSM1JA obviously beats it hands down, but it doesn’t play in the same category. The latter being an accessory for a robot-pastry chef, it therefore does without a motor block. The Moulinex also wins another medal: that of the lightest extractor – again without counting the KitchenAid. It weighs in fact barely 2.9 kg, a very significant weight for those who wish to store the device after each use.

To use it precisely, it is necessary to assemble all the parts necessary for the grinding of food. Few options are left to the discretion of the user since Moulinex provides only one filter. The Moulinex Ultra Juice ZU600110, top-of-the-range model from the French manufacturer, comes with an accessory reserved for making sorbets. In the Juiceo tank, it is then necessary to place the basket which scrapes the walls of the bowl and expels the juice towards the outlet, the single filter and the endless screw. We close the lid and the extractor is ready to press.

If no instruction is really given by the manufacturer in terms of cutting fruit and vegetables, the user has no choice but to comply with the goodwill of the chute. And they are restrictive, because who says compact device, says minimized parts. The chute then ends up with a width of 3.7 cm, which is very narrow. It is therefore impossible for us to insert quarters of orange, as we usually do: the pieces must be even thinner. The Juiceo is therefore far from accommodating whole apples, as the Philips Masticating Juicer HR1889 can do. Given the number of pieces of fruit, the preparation of juices therefore requires slightly more time than with a competing device.

Either… To turn on the Moulinex, simply plug it into the mains and turn the dial to power 1 — this is the only existing speed anyway. The second position, on the other hand, runs in reverse, useful for dislodging pieces of food stuck in the grinding system. Whether it’s one or the other, we only observe very little latency, unlike the Essential B EEXJ3.

Finally, a control allows you to adjust the level of pulp present in the juice.

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