Mr & Mrs Bun still in the top of Strasbourg burgers

In Strasbourg, we love burgers and each corner of the city has its own representative in the matter. Fatty, organic, veggie, very fatty and not organic at all: there is a wide range of burgers available in all sauces and it is not to displease us. But in our city, many addresses only last a while, they settle down and then leave. Mr & Mrs Bun is not one of them. Set up in 2016 rue du 22 Novembre, then taken over in early 2020, the small sandwich shop has not moved. Even better, our couple of the day has made it evolve to become an essential address in Strasbourg, perhaps the one that offers the best value for money in the city. Today, we wanted to go behind the stove to introduce you to the couple who have been delighting us for two years: Sarah and Serge, a duo who will warm your heart if you are having a bad day.

Mr & Mrs Bun is a story of burgers, love, good products and hard work. Created in 2016 by Ophélie, who operated it for four years, the success of this fast-food was very quickly there and the people of Strasbourg were quickly convinced, in particular by the almost unbeatable value for money of this independent fast-food restaurant (Hi Five Guys, take it easy). But in 2020, a few days before confinement, the shop changed hands.

From now on, Mr and Ms Buns, it is Sarah 52 years old, and Serge 57 years old, an inseparable and inspiring couple, who then take over the reins of the restaurant. Their challenge? Develop this small restaurant to which the inhabitants are so attached and offer even better quality products. Today, the bet is more than won, and to top it off: Serge and Sarah have fun doing what they love, simply because they are together (Sarah says so). We go behind the stove to chat with Mr and Mrs.

Sarah and Serge, years of experience and a new challenge

Recently grandparents and parents of 4 children, our couple of the day has decades of bottling to their credit. From traditional catering, they notably ran the restaurant L’Altenberg, a winstub located in Bergheim (now L’Animus). On a day of service like the others, a man enters the restaurant and makes them an interesting takeover offer. The business that was working wonderfully was then sold, the Altenberg adventure was over. But Serge and Sarah are not done with the challenges.

Their new idea? Get out of the countryside, come to town and create a tea room with only fresh products and homemade pastries. A very simple place where they could have fun and have a good time without working 70 hours a week. And then one day in 2019, as the couple were touring the city to find a new location for their project, they came across this name: Mr & Mrs Bun. Even if they don’t think about it right away, they taste the product, then say to themselves “Mr & Mrs Bun, it’s us, it’s made for us, what if we got started”?

And that’s what they did. Their only desire, apart from the challenge and the novelty, was the desire to be together, and it is Sarah who speaks about it best: “I’m going to tell you frankly, we could have done anything, but as long as we’re together, we’re happy. What we liked in this project is the challenge, but even if we may leave as we arrived, for the moment, we are having fun and we are proud of what we do. We like the product, we like the city, we are happy to have managed to hold this great business and to offer a top-of-the-range burger, and for all that, we worked and we continue every morning. »

Homemade burgers that dislocate

Every morning, our couple of the day gets up at 6 a.m. to offer a top-of-the-range burger consisting of an artisanal baker’s bun well brioche and well browned (the secret is well kept), fresh 100% French butcher’s meat, homemade sauce and very fresh vegetables worked on site. Every other day the goods arrive and flow almost as fast as they arrived.

Every week, 7 days a week, they offer no less than 7 different recipes. The burger of the month (currently at Bibeleskæs with bear garlic Ribeaupierre cheese), the blue burger and its fourme d’Ambert, the bacon cheese burger or the hot chili burger, there’s something for everyone and the ratio quality price unboxes. And if Monsieur is often behind the stove, accompanied by Valentin (the king of the plate), Madame, she is multi-tasking and above all: she prepares desserts like her homemade cheesecake.

You understood, we are under the spell, not only of these burgers that the people of Strasbourg know well (personally sent pallets of them), but also of this rather unexpected couple who hold the house and work tirelessly without making any noise by offering a QUA-LI-TÉ product. In a now pedestrianized street, they begin their third year of activity with a smile and desire, always with the love of a job well done and a panache that we are not used to seeing.

Small and big +

  • Every day from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Classi’k formula at €10 (1 Classi’k Burger + a portion of fries + a drink of your choice) on site or to take away
  • On delivery exclusively on Deliveroo and right now it’s a Classi’K burger bought, a Classi’k burger offered
  • Unbeatable value for money (full menu at 16€ delivery / 15 euros on site)
  • The freshness and quality of the products
  • The superb covered terrace well wedged in the shade of a pedestrian street (yes it does not belong to the neighbours)
  • The reception is always at the top
  • It is a top-of-the-range, quality, and above all INDEPENDENT fast-food, behind this name there are Serge and Sarah and no one else
  • It’s very good, quite simply, big Up also with cream sauce for fries

Mr & Mrs Bun

3 Rue du Vingt-Deux Novembre
67000 Strasbourg
Order on Deliveroo
open 7 days out of 7

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