Mysterious disappearances of cats worry the inhabitants of a village

Many cats have disappeared in the town of Éclaron-Braucourt-Sainte-Livière in recent weeks. No bodies were found but traps were discovered.

It’s been almost a week since Omaley disappeared. We tried everything to find him, but nothing.“. Thomas and his companion’s cat seems to have vanished into the streets of Eclaron.

He’s a cat that doesn’t go out muchexplains Thomas. And it is not in his habits to leave the house. The last time we saw him, he was right in front of our house. He came out around 7am when we left for work. When my companion returned, around noon, he was no longer there. And he never came back.”

Every day, Thomas and his companion go around their residential area of ​​Eclaron, near Lac du Der, in search of their little companion. “We called him, we looked in the cellars, in the garages, we put up posters. We contacted the town hall, the pound, the SPA. But nothing, no cat.”

Omaley is far from an isolated case. In Eclaron, several cats have mysteriously disappeared in recent weeks. “We’re talking about nine cats in the neighborhoodconfirms Maurice Burton, president of the association Aide aux Animaux en Détresse 52. But the number is surely higher. Some owners do not report their pet missing.”

After a walk in the neighborhood, Lucifer, Delphine’s cat, came home with a funny accessory: a metal wire firmly tied around his neck. “He arrived completely scaredshe says. Fortunately, he managed to escape. But itthere is no doubt that it was a trap he had around him. Someone is trying to capture our cats.”

Soon after, her second cat will come home with unexplained leg injuries.

The most likely hypothesis is that some ill-intentioned people capture the cats that “embarrass them and, in the best case, will deposit them 15 kilometers awaysays Maurice Burton. These people generally get traps that we use during sterilization campaigns, when it is strictly forbidden.”

The other hypothesis is that the cats are victims of fur trafficking or captured for laboratory tests, but this seems unlikely to us.

The advice we can give to owners is to file a handrail at the gendarmeriesays the president of the association Aide aux Animaux en Détresse 52. The more reports there are, the more the case can progress.

As a reminder, animal abuse is punishable by law. Acts of cruelty to a domestic animal can lead to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros.

The disappearances are concentrated in a specific district of Eclaron, rue Victor Hugo, rue du Docteur Calmette, rue d’Ambrières, rue de la Paix and rue de l’Onigel.

Omaley is chippedsays Thomas. If he had been found somewhere or even hit by a car, we would have been warned. Here we are in the dark“.

The gendarmerie at Porte du Der was alerted. Contacted, she does not wish to react. The owners of the missing cats are hoping an investigation will be opened to get answers.

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