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Near Deauville, the police free a dog locked in a car trunk by 36°

Locking a dog in the trunk of a car can be considered child abuse. © Illustrative photo

Saturday August 13, 2022, it is 36° in the car park near the beach at Bénerville-sur-Mer (Calvados). Two young people observe a very singular scene.

A couple parks and locks their dog in the trunk of the car so they can go to the beach where pets are prohibited.

Shocked by the attitude of the dog’s masters, the witnesses called the fire department.

Accompanied by three CRS on bicycles, the latter had to force the lock of the trunk in order to free the dog and are firmly awaiting his masters who could be prosecuted for animal abuse.

Animal abuse: facts and penalties

The law is very strict in terms of animal abuse: “Any animal being a sentient being must be placed by its owner in conditions compatible with the biological imperatives of its species. It is forbidden to inflict mistreatment on a domestic animal, a tamed wild animal or one held in captivity.

Anyone who raises, keeps or owns an animal and who does not respect these obligations incurs a fine of 750 €. Anyone who voluntarily, unnecessarily, publicly or not, inflicts ill-treatment on an animal also incurs a fine of 750 euros.

The court can decide, in addition, to entrust the animal definitively to a foundation or an association for the protection of animals. »

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