Near Toulouse. Cats are victims of acts of cruelty, the inhabitants are sounding the alarm

Cats are victims of “acts of cruelty” in Flourens, near Toulouse. (©Sarah Gilot – Toulouse News)

It was too much for them. Saturday July 23, 2022, Elsa Lignonresident of the Vignemale district in Flourens (Haute-Garonne), sees her cat, Vanille, come home weakened in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, this is not not the first time and the owner immediately understands what happened.

“In the morning, Vanille was doing very well, she went out for a walk. Then, in the middle of the day, she came home and she was exhausted. We took her directly to the clinic. Result: she had been shot in the kidney.”

Elsa Lignon Inhabitant of Flourens

Several injured cats

After a neighborhood tour, Elsa Lignon notices that several of his neighbors have experienced the same thing. “While speaking with them, we realized that other cats had already received a lead. We saw that many cats had been affected. »

Altogether it is a fifteen wounds towards felines that this neighborhood tour has made it possible to count, including “about seven pellets fired” that the owner admits having listed. But according to her, this figure could be higher: “A lead can go unnoticed if the animal does not complain. During a control radio, one of our neighbors realized that his cat had one in his body”.

X-ray of Vanille, Elsa Lignon's cat, who received a lead on Saturday July 23, 2022.
X-ray of Vanille, Elsa Lignon’s cat, who received a lead on Saturday July 23, 2022. (©Sarah Gilot – Toulouse News)

Posters to “raise awareness”

To make things happen, some residents of the neighborhood got together to put up posters and raise awareness. Above, we read in yellow and red the mention: “In our neighborhood, Vigilance alert: acts of cruelty to domestic animals”. They also distributed 80 letters in the mailboxes of the village, and alerted the town hall, the gendarmerie and the SPA on the subject.

The poster put up by the inhabitants of the Vignemale district.
The poster put up by the inhabitants of the Vignemale district. (©Sarah Gilot – Toulouse News)

Since then, they have received a response from the mayor of Flourens, Jean-Pierre Fouchou-Lapeyradewho explained to get closer to the gendarmerie on this case.

However, no one came to meet them: “I already filed a complaint last year, for an injury to my other cat, Pépé, without follow-up, confides Elsa Lignon. The, them gendarmes still haven’t come“.

Contacted, the mayor of Flourens has not yet responded to our requests.

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“It doesn’t have to last any longer”

According to residents, these acts have been going on for nearly 14 years. “People need to know that it doesn’t have to last any longer. I often have cats that come into the garden, it’s nature. We clap our hands and hop, we make them go”, book Daniele Montassieranother resident who signed the poster.

The perpetrator(s) of these acts are not known to the inhabitants, but they know that the area is limited. “Cats all move about the same. There are an area where the acts start and one where they stop. Sometimes neighbors go on vacation and things happen, so we know it’s not them. We then see who is left in the neighborhood. »

Vanille, Elsa Lignon's cat, after her operation following her injury.
Vanille, Elsa Lignon’s cat, after her operation following her injury. (©Elsa Lignon)

Today, what is also worrying is the serenity of this neighborhood “There are other living beings here. We are outside, the children included, alarmed Elsa Lignon. It’s not reassuring to know that there is someone who is in possession of a firearm. It is not because we are a village that we should less enforce the rules and tell ourselves that it will pass. »

GPS and cameras installed on cats

In an attempt to find the culprit or culprits, some owners have even installed GPS and cameras on their cats. For one objective: to put an end to these acts.

“We want it to stop, one day or another we will find out who is doing this, and this person will be punished. They have to understand that what they are doing is penalized. arguable to shoot a cat to drive it away.”

Elsa Lignon Inhabitant of Flourens


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