Near Toulouse. He launches “Mister Fishy”, the fish and chips food truck that claims premium quality

Simon Quémard… will now be Mister Fishy with his fish-based food truck. (©DR)

He is married to a Briton! It was enough to understand how Simon Quemard, 41, had the idea of ​​launching his new type of food truck, based on fish and chips and seafood.

Across the Channel, fish and chips is the essential dish. “Yes, but on condition that the quality is there. A quality fish, and a perfectly seared fry! immediately specifies the founder of Mister Fishy.

Fish and chips Mister Fishy style, accompanied by its irresistible homemade tartar sauce.
Fish and chips Mister Fishy style, accompanied by its irresistible homemade tartar sauce. (©Alain Gravil)

Passed through the world of Toulouse catering

Traditionally trained as a cook in Angers, Simon Quémard arrived in Toulouse at the end of the 2000s, when he was 30 years old. He went through the Brasserie du Stade (Michel Sarran), Le Chevillard, Les sales Gosses…

Then the Covid and its confinements set in. It was an opportunity for him to reflect on his professional project.

Simon...aka Mister Fishy!
Simon…aka Mister Fishy! (©DR)

My wife is English, and I noticed that there were a lot of English people around Toulouse. Furthermore, there is a real niche in fish, which is not exploited today. Above all, I want to work with fresh, quality products.

Simon QuemardCreator and cook – Mister Fishy

Coming out of confinement, Simon took various additional training courses (business creation, hygiene, etc.)

Four main courses on the slate

Banh mi salmon is one of Mister Fishy's specialties.
Banh-mi salmon is one of Mister Fishy’s specialties. (©Alain Gravil)

Mister Fishy offers four main courses on his slate, all complemented by homemade desserts.

  • the fish and chips served with homemade fries and homemade tartar sauce
  • the poke bowl : Hawaiian dish, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, salmon, salad, jasmine rice, sesame soy sauce.
  • the banh mi salmon : Vietnamese sandwich with a salad mayonnaise base, homemade pickled vegetables, grilled marinated salmon and sesame soy sauce with dry coriander (slightly spicy Sriracha sauce option).
  • The catch of the week : All fish depending on the season but also seafood such as grilled cuttlefish, octopus, etc.

Premium quality and homemade tartar sauce

Quality is first and foremost about working with fresh products. The fish is delivered several times a week. I make fresh homemade fries. Likewise, I only offer fresh fruits and vegetables. This applies to both main courses and fruit salads.

Simon QuemardCreator and cook – Mister Fishy

Simon has perfected all his recipes with customers in testing. The goal was to obtain the best recipe as well as the best cooking method for frying, for example (beef fat or sunflower oil).

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Lévignac, Lasserre and soon area of ​​Thibault (Toulouse) and Colomiers

Simon has just started his activity around Lévignac (between Colomiers and L’Isle-Jourdain). Multiple locations are allocated to it according to the days of the week. But it intends very soon to also serve the Thibault area (located south of Toulouse) as well as part of the aeronautical center (Colomiers, Cornebarrieu).

Practical information :

Main course prices: between €6.50 and €12 // Menus between €10 and €13 // Lévignac: Tuesday evening and Sunday evening (Media library) and Lasserre: Friday evening (Salle des fêtes) // Other locations and more info on the Internet by clicking here.

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