Nearly 400 kg of meat thrown away after an extensive check on the market

Nearly 400 kg of goods had to be thrown away by traders, during a major control operation by the departmental directorate for the protection of the population (DDPP), on the Sarcelles market (Val-d’Oise ), Friday, reports BFM Île-de-France. In total, 60 inspections were carried out and 15 reports were drawn up, with two formal notices.

Fine of up to 30,000 euros

Among the offenses noted by the DDPP inspectors, we find in particular meat stored well above regulatory temperatures. Veal cutlets, for example, were measured at 14.6°C, ten degrees higher than the maximum authorized temperature. Street selling was also punished.

Particularly mobilized in recent months on the markets of Val-d’Oise and in fast food shops, the DDPP can close a shop until it is brought into compliance. Violations can also lead to fines ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 euros.

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