Need a house guard dog? Here are the top 3 best dog breeds

Massive and courageous, guard dogs provide a real sense of security for their owner. These animals have the ability to take on a protective role in order to defend their territory and their master. When it comes to protecting their human family, guard dogs don’t hesitate to show their teeth! Discover 3 guardian angels (dog version)!

The german shepherd

The German Shepherd embodies most of the characteristics of good watchdogs, as they are ready to take on any threat. Very robust, he defends his house and its occupants at all costs, even at the risk of his life! The German Shepherd is the perfect companion to ensure the safety of a family. He gets along perfectly with children and even without training, he will not hesitate for a second to protect them. A good patroller, the German Shepherd will alert you to the arrival of a visitor.

The Doberman

A symbol of power, the Doberman is the best watchdog for the home. Its size and appearance impress and deter anyone from breaking in. His muscular body and ferocious expression will scare away thieves! Very courageous, this dog assiduously monitors its territory and has no hesitation in the face of danger. In addition, he can be aggressive towards people he considers a threat to him and his human family.

The Great Dane

A true fighting mastiff, the Great Dane is a popular dog breed for its incredible beauty and loyalty. Very strong and large, its size already makes it very dissuasive. It is a guard dog by nature, as it turns out to be endowed with a formidable protective instinct. Indeed, the Great Dane is particularly vigilant towards intruders who try to penetrate the ground. Faced with a dangerous situation, he will not hesitate to protect you. This breed of dogs creates a very strong emotional bond with those who share their lives.

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