Neighbors fight to save dog left in cage in permanent sun

In a neighborhood of Cleveland, in Tennessee, the residents refuse to give up on this dog left caged in front of their house and who clearly needs help. Tired of seeing a caged pit bull outside in the intense heat of the direct sun day after day, a neighbor took a revealing photo of the dog’s suffering.

In the photo, we can see the animal locked in a small cage topped with a fabric, which serves as its only shelter from the sun.

“You couldn’t see the food, the water, there was no cover on top of the cage to give it any protection from the sun and with the picture we saw it looks like it it was about 40 degrees outside,” said Claudia Andersona neighbor, at WRCB.

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Neighbors fight to save a dog left in a cage in the sun

Carla Patton Welch, Founder of Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue, heard about the dog’s distress and decided to go visit the owner, but it didn’t go well. Video taken by the WRCB reporting team shows Carla being punched in the face.

Sheriff’s deputies said they found the dog with water, adequate food and shelter during at least 4 visits they made to the home. The sheriff’s office will investigate calls or complaints about animal abuse, but cannot remove an animal if there is no violation.

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“For us to do anything, there must be a violation of the law,” said James Bradford, Director of Public Relations for the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.

Meanwhile, the rescue party does not back down. They claim they will continue to fight for the freedom of the pit bull, even if it means taking the case to a judge with a criminal citation.

The woman leaving the dog in the crate then told News Channel 9: “She’s not hungry. Nothing like. So can’t I leave her in the cage outside when I leave? “. When members of the animal rescue group asked the woman if they could take the dog, she replied, ” No, you won’t take my dog. I paid $500 for my dog. »

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“She is there baking every day, we have volunteers in the area who see the dog and she is there at all hours of the day,” Carla said.

Residents are calling on county leaders to take action.

As reporters sought to get the woman’s version, she left the house, but was not very happy with the cameras and behaved arrogantly as can be. see in the video:

The Bradley County Sheriff will hold a press conference on the dog today at 4:00 p.m., Carla posted on Facebook. ” I think he’s tired of your phone calls,” she wrote.

Although the press conference did not achieve what was hoped for, namely that the dog be handed over to the rescue group, Fighting for the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue, Carla and the neighbors will not give up until to have obtained the rescue of the animal.

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