Neuchâtel: Wildcat hunt validated by Parliament

The Neuchâtel Grand Council said yes on Wednesday to shootings targeting cats living in the wild. This practice is widespread in Switzerland, with the exception of Valais.

“It is a cruel, unreliable and dangerous method (…). Hunters cannot recognize a stray cat from a free domestic cat with a chip. a motion submitted to the Neuchâtel Grand Council on Wednesday. She did not pass the ramp: the no won by 63 votes against 12 yes and 19 abstentions.

For proponents of the ban, campaigns to sterilize feral cats have yielded such convincing results that shooting has become obsolete. “The feral cat can be hunted in all the French-speaking cantons with the exception of Valais”, recalled State Councilor Laurent Favre, quoted by arcinfo. The elected official then underlined that the State would rely on the opinion of Parliament. For a majority of deputies, with five shots of hunters targeting this species in three years, the practice is so anecdotal that it would be exaggerated to legislate. “The Grand Council and the Council of State have other fish to fry”, mocked the deputy PLR Hermann Frick. “It is not essential to legislate for a few cats slaughtered when dozens of endangered animals such as the hare or the woodcock are shot each year”, put into perspective the Green Diane Skartsounis, whose remarks were also relayed by arcinfo.

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