New Product recall: do not eat this Listeria-contaminated deli meat

It’s a real curse that falls on our plates. For some time, consumers have been dealing with food poisoning on very common products. Indeed, they are found in many French cupboards and fridges. After pizzas, pistachios and sausage, it is mortadella of Italian origin that is incriminated. The government site Rappel Conso indicates that this product would present risks of listeria. Several batches of deli meats would be affected. It’s time to dig into your last shopping, especially if you did them at LEclerc. Indeed, these lots are all sold in this great brand. Mortadella which carries risks is known as “Mortadella Bologna IGP 100g”, from the Tradizioni d’Italia brand.

Destroy or return the product to the store!

The batch of the product in question, Italian mortadella, is numbered as follows: L213097. The bar code is: 3664335100049. The recommended use-by date is indicated as May 12, 2022. If you have already consumed this product and have symptoms similar to those of listeria, consult a doctor as soon as possible. .

As a reminder, the symptoms of listeria are fever, headaches and digestive disorders. Stay informed on the Rappel Conso website. You can be reimbursed for the offending mortadella by returning the product to the store. The receipt is not mandatory in such circumstances. Do not forget to do your shopping by looking at the list of ingredients on the package, it could save you some nausea!

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