News | Gard – Missing firefighter dog: a serious lead to find Sky?

Sky disappeared under undetermined circumstances on Thursday July 21 in Laudun. This 9-month-old Malinois dog being trained by the Sdis 30 firefighters is the latest recruit from the canine group to search for lost or buried people. Despite significant searches carried out by patrols and using a drone, the very sociable animal, wearing a collar with the number of its owner, remains untraceable. Two days after his disappearance, a post on social networks announced the discovery in the Aude village of Lézignan of a dog resembling him.

A glimmer of hope quickly extinguished, it was not him. New twist yesterday at midday (Tuesday), our colleagues from Objectif Gard announced that“a Malinois resembling Sky was reportedly seen at the Lamotte-du-Rhône roundabout, in the Vaucluse, walking over the old bridge towards Pont-Saint-Esprit“, or about thirty kilometers from his place of residence. A track taken seriously by the firefighters who were not, however, absolutely certain that it was him. An alert was issued to people who saw him They are asked to contact the Gard fire brigade immediately.

Contact 112 or the Facebook of Sdis 30 du Gard

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