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News | Video Marseille: “Helping stray cats is our guiding principle”

For more than a year, the association Les Babychoux in Marseille has caught, looked after and sterilized stray cats. A nocturnal adventure that Géraldine joined at the end of the imprisonment in 2020, when Sylvie Desbieys, who is at the helm, offered her to become a foster family. Since then, the chief of staff has been transformed into a cat hunter after dark. An activity that she practices around 40 hours a week. To catch them, the trunk of his car overflows with traps of all kinds: mechanical, but also remote-controlled cages. The goal: to select the cats that fall into its net, because the priority goal remains adults, to castrate them and avoid overpopulation, which is the cause of fights between felines, the spread of diseases, but also the increased risk of these animals passing the wheels of a car.

Reward after these long evenings, which sometimes end at 2 in the morning: last year the association found homes for more than 200 felines.

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