Niaux. Thirty cats killed on the road in three months

Crossing the village of Niaux killed thirty cats in three months. From mid-May to mid-August, the Nozamichats association, chaired by Marie-Paule Ourgaud, established this sad accounting. The group of volunteers is of course effectively supported by the municipality.

These domestic cats were all sterilized and made the happiness of several Niauxian families. According to measurements taken, on the straight line between the school and the church, the speed is over 80 km/h in 55% of cases. Peaks at 120 km/h have even been recorded while the authorized speed is 50 km/h. With such excesses, the danger is permanent for residents, pedestrians, cyclists, not to mention children… A traffic plan (similar to the one that has just been applied to the neighboring village of Capoulet) should see the light of day very soon. to counter these incivilities.

Work expected in 2023

The municipality has been working on the project for two years now. Following the last technical committee for urban crossings, the Atei des Peltier father and son design office and the town hall are preparing the next review of the project with a view to its validation.

The agreement of the committee, the roads service of the department, the DDT and the Occitanie region conditions the validation of the project and thus, the start of the works. This will result at best in 2023, if the file is validated at the next meeting. It will take place next September.

For several decades, the population of the village had been requesting a slowdown plan from its successive elected officials. It’s now a matter of a few months, if all goes well. Response in September.

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