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nine years after his disappearance, the cat Bouda has found his masters

For two days, this cat had been living in a box in full sun covered with a towel. A volunteer from the shelter and her son working in the neighborhood took him to the premises of the association to try to identify the cat. Thanks to social networks, the president was able to contact the owners. The family, now living in Saint-Jean-d’Angély, went to the island of Oléron on Monday August 15 to pick him up, completely stunned by this incredible news.

don’t lose hope

Bouda’s disappearance goes back nine years. Karelle and Pascal Bourret adopted him in Réunion in 2010. “He belonged to our neighbor but he often came to see us,” recalls Pascal Bourret. During the same year, their neighbor was forced to move: “She was going to her mother who had a dog, she couldn’t take Bouda with her, so we offered to adopt her. »

In 2013, the family returned to the continent and settled in a rental in Saint-Trojan-les-Bains with Bouda. A few months later, they buy a house in Dolus-d’Oléron. It was in autumn that Bouda disappeared, he was then 3 years old. Karelle and Pascal Bourret think that he was killed by a hunter or that he wanted to go back to his old house. After months without news, the family loses hope. In 2018, she moved again to Polynesia. She returns in 2022, perfect timing to find Bouda.

Lost at 3, found at 12

“We are so happy to have found him, but we are apprehensive about the results of the analyses”, tempers Pascal Bourret who fears bad news. “We recovered him very thin and weakened, his eye is veiled. The first analyzes showed nothing very worrying, Bouda was infected with FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) or more commonly called cat AIDS. If the cat can live with this disease, a more worrying lump on its tongue has been spotted. The family awaits the results at the end of the week.

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