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no one had anticipated his reaction to die of laughter (video)

Cara is an adorable dog who was adopted from a shelter.

The brave dog had a rough start in life. She lived on the streets in Romania and was rescued by a local charity before being adopted by her current owners in 2019.

A very expressive dog

Cara’s mistress shares moments of the dog’s life on the TikTok social network. The female dog has the distinction of being very expressive.

We can see many videos where Cara shows all her enthusiasm while hiking, or when she discovers the beach or the snow for the first time.

On August 27, her mom filmed one of Cara’s reactions that made people laugh a lot on TikTok.

Cara’s first time meeting a cat

The scene takes place in the living room of a house and the legend tells us that this is the first time that Cara has found herself in the same house as a cat.

We see the gray cat showing a lot of interest in the doggie and approaching cautiously. Cara watches him out of the corner of her eye, keeping her distance.

Finally, she chooses to withdraw from the room, quietly at first. But barely arrived in the corridor, away from the cat, she starts barking very loudly. His mistress captioned the video saying, “Not a sound. Course ! Panic ! Panic ! »

In fact, Cara had taken it upon herself the whole time she was around the cat. Sheltered from his clutches, she was able to let go of her true emotions.

Fans of the dog laughed a lot and commented on the video:

“Always so dramatic” said a user.

“The dog just got away with it,” another person joked.

“Poor baby got scared. Cats will never respect them again. »

Cara’s reactions will keep us laughing!

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