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Nordahl Lelandais trial: who is Alain Jakubowicz, the accused’s star lawyer?

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The lawyer from Lyon has been the lead defense lawyer for Nordahl Lelandais since 2017. A role he decided to hold by remaining silent outside the courtroom. This Thursday, February 17, on the eve of the verdict, he will speak to defend his client one last time.

At the heart of an ultra-publicized trial which is due to conclude on Friday, the main lawyer for Nordahl Lelandais, Alain Jakubowicz will begin his final pleading this Thursday, February 17 around 1:30 p.m.

A man who sticks “to the file” and reserves his arguments for the Assize Court of Isère. The Lyonnais lawyer, 68 years old, including 45 at the bar, has been living since 2017 “the most difficult ordeal of his career”, the defense of a child murderer being “terribly heavy to bear”, according to his colleague Me François Saint -Rock.

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With this case, he saw “the eyes of people, of his relatives, of his associates, of his clients, change”, which “changes everything”, affirms this lawyer who himself lived this experience. A sign of the violence of the passions aroused by the death of little Maëlys, Me Jakubowicz recently reproduced on his Twitter account an anonymous letter inviting him to “rot in hell” with his client. Such messages he received throughout the investigation.

Bar Tenor

The man nicknamed “Jaku”, balding head and small glasses matching his outfit of the day, made himself known by “defending just causes”, on the bench of the civil parties during the memorial trials (Barbie, Touvier, Papon…) or that of the Mont-Blanc tunnel disaster. Trials that the honorary president of the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) often recalls, as markers of his career. In recent days, when he speaks to the media, it is to promote his latest book, a compilation of testimonies from women victims of Klaus Barbie – co-signed with historian Stéphane Nivet.

Entered the Lelandais file via a former client

But with Lelandais, he defends a man accused of the murder of an 8-year-old child. And at the same time, he assists ex-minister Nicolas Hulot, a friend, accused of sexual violence by several women. Entered the Lelandais file via a former client, this regular TV set admitted to having been “carried away by the tsunami” media. He likes to recall that he was the only one to publicly acknowledge his “errors” during this collective runaway. And he has kept silent since the start of the trial, in a forest of microphones and cameras.

Sticking to “the file, nothing but the file”

In the courtroom, this strong character is on the offensive, targeting the contradictions of witnesses, attacking “the subjectivity” of investigators or the tendency of civil parties to “load the boat”. The principle of his defense is, among other things, to thwart those who try to add to the debates the hypothesis of rape when this qualification was not retained for lack of material elements. “He is right to be offensive since the beginning of this case, he must be,” said one of his lawyer friends. His strategy is the “truth of the facts”. Sticking to “the file, nothing but the file” while Nordahl Lelandais, already sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment for the murder of Corporal Noyer, faces life imprisonment.

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