Obesity in young people: “We need free soup for all children in school”

This is the request of the Family League to fight against junk food at school and the problem of increasingly overweight children.

Faced with the alarming explosion in the number of obese children, the question inevitably arises of the role of school in access to healthy food and the fight against junk food.

For the Family League, banning sugary snacks is not necessarily the best measure to adopt to fight against overweight in children. Instead of a strict ban, the association prefers to serve free soup to all children during school hours. “Of course, we have an idea of ​​the type of food that it would be better to avoid giving to children. So soup seems to us to be the right alternative. That’s why we want children to be able to receive good quality soup for free. , vegetable-based, from 10 a.m.details Maxime Michiels, in charge of studies at the League of Families.

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