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Oise. The police discover 14,000 euros hidden … in the cat’s litter

He relieved himself of more than 14,000 euros. While conducting a search last Wednesday at the home of a woman in her fifties in Nogent-sur-Oise in Oise, police officers from Creil were surprised to discover that 14,500 euros were hidden in his home in a place that is unreasonable. to say the least: his cat’s litter box, located in the living room.

The sum, held “in large values”, was accompanied by 370 grams of cannabis, specifies The Parisian, which recounts this astonishing affair. 2,500 euros were also found elsewhere in the apartment, the newspaper adds.

The sniffer dog put them on the trail

Police officers, then carrying out an anti-narcotics operation in Creil, went to the woman’s house after their sniffer dog stopped in front of her car. They then decided to go back on the trail by searching its owner’s home.

The 50-year-old, whose criminal record was clean, was sentenced to nine months in prison suspended for acts of acquisition, possession, transportation and supply or illegal transfer of drugs. The money was confiscated.

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