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Oloron: a call for help from the 4 Pattes du Piedmont in the face of the increase in animal abandonment

“It’s a phenomenon that gained momentum from May…

“It’s a phenomenon that gained momentum from May,” explains Marie Labède. “Our volunteers frequently find kittens, which some people abandon near the association’s feeding points. There was a peak in adoption during the Covid period, and obviously, masters no longer wanted to continue to assume their responsibilities as summer approached. It is very difficult to understand this kind of act: when you adopt an animal, it is for life! “.

67 cats waiting for adoption

The situation becomes particularly complex for the 4 Legs of Piedmont. At the moment, 67 cats and 11 dogs are waiting for adoption: the animals are distributed among about twenty foster families of the association. “The problem is that we have no more room at all. And yet, we have counted 19 kittens who are still living on the street and waiting to be picked up,” informs Sabine Matraire, an active volunteer.

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Les 4 Pattes are therefore looking for new families to welcome these stray kittens from Oloro. “We need new homes for these animals, at least until the end of the summer. Back to school is often synonymous with adoption, and we will therefore surely be able to recover places from September, ”explains the president of the association.

Over 300 free cats to feed

Volunteers have been working for several years on sterilization campaigns with the support of the town hall of Oloron. “We trap stray cats, then we sterilize them before releasing them where we found them: this helps to avoid feline overpopulation,” explains Marie Labède.

The association takes care of feeding all of these “free” cats. “We have more than 300 spread over the different districts of Oloron. In other words, we need a lot of food! Les 4 Pattes are therefore looking for pâtés and kibble to satisfy all these cats. It is possible to leave parcels at the two veterinary clinics in Oloron, which are responsible for transmitting the goods to the volunteers. The structure is also looking for financial support, knowing that each donation entitles you to tax reductions.

You can contact the association via email les4pattesdupiemontoloronais@yahoo.fr or on the Facebook page @Les4pattes.

Traps in Révol and Oustalots streets

At the moment, the volunteers of the 4 Pattes du piedmont are organizing trappings in the rue Révol as well as that of the Oustalots. “It was while carrying out a collection that we realized that a core proliferation of cats had escaped us on the Oustalots side”, explains Sabine Matraire, who is one of the association’s main trappers with Isabelle Lagardere. Marie Labède, for her part, would like to thank “the many nurses who take care of the free cats of Oloron”.

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