On the Côte d’Azur, the inhabitants deposit too many rabbits – Liberation

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Overpopulation, nuisance for the neighborhood, danger for wildlife… More and more of these domestic animals are released into the wild by their owners in the Alpes-Maritimes. Associations are mobilizing to save them and stem their proliferation.

The gesture is acrobatic. The landing net twirls in the air before falling back on the weeds. In the net, the doe does not try to struggle. The beast has just been captured by three volunteers from Urgence pour un animal (UPA 06). “She’s a bit flabby, analyzes Marine, who undertakes a quick check-up. Her condition is not very good: she has a tick on her ear, she has a bite. She is doing very badly, she runs slowly. It strongly resembles a particular abandonment. Dozens of rabbits frolic on this vacant lot on the outskirts of Nice, playing hide and seek with the volunteers.

The first were released there two years ago. They have reproduced and the association is trying to contain their proliferation. According to the SPA, the abandonment of NAC (new pets, mainly rabbits) increased by 56% in 2021 in France, a phenomenon which has been worsening for two years. The associations fear, before departures on vacation, a wave of abandonment of pets – an act which since the end of 2021 is punishable by three years in prison and 45,000…


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