On the loose for several weeks in Rodez, an abandoned dog brought to safety by the SPA

Long-term work enabled the Rodez SPA to approach an abandoned stray dog ​​in Rodez, near the McDonald’s in Saint-Eloi and the Ibis hotel.

Since at least April 11, a wandering dog has been spotted and followed very closely by the Rodez SPA teams. In the McDonald’s sector of Saint-Eloi and around the Ibis hotel, the animal did not allow itself to be approached and several days were necessary before instilling confidence.

“A collar and a leash attached to a tree were found a little further, so we think of a voluntary abandonment”, regrets the SPA, which dispatched a volunteer every day to feed the canine. The operation of confidence will finally last two weeks. The Rodez SPA announced on its networks on Sunday April 24 that the dog has been brought to safety.

“By talking to him and bringing him food on a daily basis, he gained confidence and approached a guest at the Ibis hotel today. A member of hotel staff was able to catch him gently and entrusted him to a volunteer from the shelter who brought him to our premises so that he could finally be safe”.

The dog will now be called Tupac

The dog has not been identified. At the request of the person who took him in, the animal was baptized Tupac and will be able to start a new life at the Rodez refuge.

If you spot a stray animal, it is important not to approach it and contact the nearest shelter to avoid frightening it. The animal risks disappearing in the wild, and worse still causing danger by venturing on the roads.

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