on the set (or almost) of “Animal Kingdom” in Lot-et-Garonne

15 million euros budget

“We reserve this time for discussions with the media in Lot-et-Garonne”, promises the producer who has ties in the department. Understand: no press presence on sequences shot in other departments. Nord-Ouest Productions will nevertheless invest in the South-West: the Dordogne next week for a fortnight, partly at the Château de Bridoire and in the Bergerac area, then the Gironde, where the bulk of the scenes will be filmed in the Bordeaux suburbs of Gradignan, in Hostens then La Teste-de-Buch where filming should end on August 12th.

For the time being, capricious weather obliges, the film crew set up their cameras at the Solar Café on Monday, two days later than expected, and will leave there this Saturday. 50 to 100 people work, on a daily basis, for the smooth running of the feature film. Among them, about sixty extras answered the call to evolve within La Tancada, a remixed Solar Café, where the character of the father played by Romain Duris works. “There will be a moment of struggle here, but also moments of life. The hut of Castelmoron will therefore be on display in the first third of this feature film, with a budget approaching 15 million euros (five times more than the average). However, it will be necessary to wait until the second half of 2023 to find it in dark rooms.

The heart of the story is this father and his son in search of the mother of the little one, who has disappeared

adventure movie

If the synopsis evokes people “who mutate”, it will not be a question of science fiction, as Pierre Guyard wishes to remind us. “It’s more of an adventure film. The heart of the story is this father and his son in search of the mother of the little one who has disappeared. To find her, there will also be a gendarme, whose role is taken on by Adèle Exarchopoulos. The actress, who continues to prove her comic potential through series like “Le Flambeau” or the film “Mandibles”, was also present in the territory, “or will be”, whispers the producer again, evasively.

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