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ON VIDEO | 4,000 Beagle dogs rescued from animal testing lab

More than 4,000 Beagle dogs were rescued from an Envigo laboratory in Virginia. The dogs were intended for sale to other labs that do experiments on animals.

The animals were rescued by several animal welfare organizations.

The President and CEO of “The Humane Society of The United States” describes the course of the operation”.

“4000 dogs is a lot. It could take 60 days to repatriate all these animals. You have to take them to shelters all over the United States,” says Kitty Block.

According to Reuters, in May, the United States Department of Justice sued the company “Envigo” for violating rules in its laboratory.

Screenshot | Reuters

According to Virginia government inspectors, some Beagle dogs were being killed instead of receiving proper treatment.

The company is accused of refusing to give adequate food to the mothers of the puppies.

When they were fed, the food was filled with excrement, animal rights organizations note.

A Republican state senator, Bill Stanley, admits that he wanted to close this laboratory a few years ago, in vain.

“In 2019, I had tried to close it, without success. Since that moment, I have worked tirelessly to achieve today’s result,” he said.

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