One year suspended prison sentence for drowning his dog in the Hensies canal

It was a case of animal abuse that caused a stir: a dog (an American staff) was found beaten up and weighted down with a concrete block in the Hensies canal. It was a municipal worker who discovered the animal’s body and alerted the authorities in 2019.
The master of the animal has just been sentenced on appeal to a five-year prison sentence, Sudinfo announces. The man will also no longer be able to keep pets.

At first instance, the owner was acquitted on the benefit of the doubt. But the court of appeal considered that there were enough incriminating elements. His daughter notably testified to the fact that he was violent with the dog and several witnesses claimed to have heard him say that he was going “throw the dog in the water if he continues to mess up“.

Finally, the investigators found at his home a concrete block identical to that which had been used to ballast the animal.

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