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Only 1% of people can spot 2 hidden cats in this vintage image in 20 seconds!

IQ test by optical illusion: An optical illusion is a mind-bending, deeply fascinating and changing image of an object or design or people that challenges the way the brain perceives things. There are many types of optical illusions like physical, physiological and cognitive illusions. These optical illusions are also part of the field of psychoanalysis because they illuminate the way you perceive things. A normal human brain can look at things or images differently, forming a different perception from every angle. Such a clever illustration can be seen in the vintage picture of a family where 2 cats are hidden inside the room.

Optical Illusion for IQ Test: Only 1% of People Can Spot 2 Hidden Cats in This Vintage Photo


The vintage image above is an optical illusion, where a man is sitting on a couch reading the newspaper. His wife is sitting on a chair opposite him and their daughter is playing on the floor. Do you think you are in the top 1% when it comes to observation? Well, it has been claimed that only 1% of people can find the 2 cats hiding in the room. This optical illusion was posted on social media by someone named Hectic Nick.

The trickiest part of this optical illusion is finding the hidden cats in this old image, as the two cats are hidden somewhere in the black and white background of the vintage image. This optical illusion picture is just another fun way to test your IQ. However, taking an actual IQ test is a good way to find out your IQ level.

Did you spot the two hidden cats in 20 seconds?

It is difficult and trickier to spot cats hiding in the room as they are camouflaged in the background of the room. While it’s easier to spot the husband, wife, and daughter in the room, it might take you a bit longer to see the hidden felines. You need to look carefully at the picture. The first cat is hiding Look under the man’s leg. The second cat can be spotted on the lady’s lap.


The image left thousands of adults scratching their heads as they tried to spot the 2 cats hiding in the room. Studies show that the more you exercise your brain with challenging puzzles, the smarter you tend to be.

Optical illusions always provide fascinating insight into how our brains work. Specific combinations of colors, light, and patterns can trick our brain into visually perceiving something that isn’t there. So tell us, have you spotted the 2 cats hidden inside this vintage optical illusion image?

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