Only an animal lover will pass this French test without fail

QUIZ – Where does the “tortoise”? Why the “zebra” does it have that name? To find out, try to have a clear round in this test of Figaro.

We think we know them. The cat, the dog, the hamster or the goldfish share our daily lives. We talk to them, are sometimes convinced to have a conversation with them, and yet… Why is a cat called a “cat”? Where does it come from that we call “horse” the equine, companion of our equestrian walks? Since when the “tortoise” does she have that name?

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Our animals have surprising etymological stories. the “fawn” for example, had for first name feünwhich means “young of any animal”. “Fawn” comes from latin fetuswho gave… “fetus”.

Le Figaro invites you to (re)discover these animal names, which are full of tasty anecdotes, according to I lose my Latin, by Françoise Nore (L’Opportun, 2022). Will you pass this test without fail?


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