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Optical illusion: can you find the cat hiding in this picture?

If you are one of the billions of internet users and mobile users who are constantly (or even occasionally) connected to social networks, you have surely noticed lately that the platforms are beginning to abound with riddles, puzzles and small games. observation of all kinds. As a regular user of networks like Twitter or Facebook, you may have already seen this new puzzle with a picture or image where a cat is supposed to be hidden or present.

The Internet user who published the publication invites other users to search and find the said animal by deciphering the optical illusions. The challenge seems simple on the surface. It’s only when you try to find the solution that you better understand why so many people had to struggle to get there and why the post has been reshared so many times.

A real headache

Can you find the cat hiding in the picture? At first glance, the puzzle is not particularly complicated, as it is sufficient look closely at the picture to find the famous felidoes not. But upon closer inspection of the frame, we realize that the author has expressly chosen the image so as not to make our task too easy.
On some publications, the image shows a landscape with trees and animals. In order to solve the puzzle in the allotted time, the user must be quick decipher the optical illusions in the picture.

On other versions, the writer or author offers a photo of his living room or his library. Internet users are then directed to play by looking for the cat that has (really) hidden in a corner of the room. The little feline who can hide in unlikely placesthe challenge can be particularly difficult for the less attentive.
In any case, the game will have been an opportunity for social network users to enjoy themselves while they were kept in suspense for several long minutes in front of their small screen.

The cat is there (before your eyes)

cat hidden in branches

Having trouble finding the solution? Or maybe you don’t want to look any further because the challenge seems very difficult to you? You will surely be surprised to learn that the solution was right in front of you from the start. If you focus on specific areas of the picture or imageyou will surely have been able to see shapes that resemble the silhouette of a cat (or one or more parts of its anatomy).

The cat can reveal itself through the image formed by the branches of a tree. On other versions of the same challenge, you must use zoom to the maximum on a part of the image to be able to find the feline who has become a master of the art of hide and seek. The most complicated puzzle is the one that gives a picture where the cat is well hidden, so that we can only distinguish it thanks to its magnificent pupils.

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