Orne: a dog thrown from the fourth floor of a building

The police could do nothing for the canine, found lying at the foot of a small building, in the district of La Madeleine in L’Aigle (Orne). Ouest-France says that a Jack Russel fell Wednesday from the fourth floor of the building, on the sidelines of a violent argument between two men, including the owner of the dog.

It was neighbors who called the police around 10 p.m. for a violent argument in an apartment next door, against a background of alcohol. Help, a thirty-year-old with a bloody face “explained having slipped on the stairs”, explains to Ouest-France the mayor, Philippe Van-Hoorne, who knows the person concerned, “followed for a very long time by the social services” of L ‘Eagle.

But how did the animal end up down there? According to testimonies from neighbors, it was the owner who threw his dog into the void. The corpse was taken care of by the municipal police and deposited in a veterinary clinic.

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