Orthorexia, an unrecognized disorder close to anorexia

Orthorexia, which is still the subject of little research, could be detected via a ten-question test developed by Steven Bratman, an American doctor who in 1995 gave this name to the disorder from which he himself suffered.

“If the patient makes a distinction between healthy and unhealthy foodonly strong or even disproportionate emotions invade him towards unhealthy foods and that this has a impact on daily lifehe is probably suffering from orthorexia”, summarizes Alexandre Chapy, psychologist in Montpellier (Hérault).

Orthorexia has a “closeness” with anorexiahe assures us, but a difference remains between the two: “An orthorexic person does not want to lose weight“While that’s the goal of an anorexic person.

“Orthorexic people value less aesthetic body image but look at their body through the prism of their health”, analyzes Laurence Myr, dietician.

More than the wish to be healthy, “they are afraid of being poisoned by pesticides or by food, to die of a cancerexplains Alexandre Chapuy.

They follow strict diets that are not not in themselves problematicas long as we don’t suffer from it, that we don’t isolate ourselves and that the health is not affected”underlines the psychologist.

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