“Our dog didn’t even bark”

Via Facebook, Kevin and Marylin, launched an appeal to Internet users in the hope of finding their BMW, which was stolen overnight from Sunday to Monday: “Kevin works as a truck driver and left at 2:15 a.m. in the middle of night at work. At that time, the car was still in the driveway,” Maryline (30) explained to the Nieuwsblad.

When she woke up a few hours later, the vehicle was gone. “I imagine they came to take it with a trailer. Our dog didn’t even bark, although we can hear if the car starts”.

Maryline then called her husband to ask him if he had taken the car, but that was not the case: “That’s when I panicked”. She then warned the police, but she fears it is too late: “Obviously the car was seen on the E17 in Kortrijk towards France, I fear that it is already beyond the border”.

If the car has a value of 40,000 euros, this theft represents much more than that for the couple: “Kevin loves cars, and we worked hard to afford it. It’s our only family vehicle. The child seats of our two children were still in it”.

Midow area police confirmed an investigation is underway.


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