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Overwatch 2: This famous streamer has already been banned from the chat for several years due to its toxicity

If you follow the international Twitch scene closely, you’ve no doubt heard of Tyler1. The streamer is known for his temper, as well as his many overreactions while streaming.

Accustomed to online broadcasts on League of Legends, he started on Overwatch 2 on October 13, shortly after the release of that game. A few hours after starting his stream, Tyler1 was banned from the Overwatch chat, or quietly English for 1812 days. A deserved sentence according to him, which did not stop her from screaming.

Tyler1 banned from Overwatch 2 chat

It was during a stream sponsored by Blizzard that Tyler1 became aware of his ban from the Overwatch chat in the game lobby. Very surprised by this event, he explains it all by saying that after being banned time and time again on LoL, he had migrated to Overwatch 1 (back then).

On Blizzard’s game, he used his “T1 flames”or total trolling in almost everyday language, what did not please the company. After taking a 10-year mute on all his accounts, he managed to rebut part of his chat ban. While the circumstances of this cancellation are unclear, the mute would still have been in effect for Overwatch 2. Unfortunately for the streamer, it was during his sponsored stream that he realized this.

Watch out for the jumpscare after 7 seconds

“It’s deserved”

After letting out a cry of shock, Tyler1 said: “no worries, it’s deserved”. No one knows exactly what the streamer did to get banned from the chat for so long. In all cases if even admits to him that it was deservedis that it must have been quite serious.

Tyler1 is a regular in bans and it is on League of Legends, Riot’s production, that he has the largest number of them due to his excessive anger during certain games. In any case, the streamer will be able to continue to develop on Overwatch 2 due to his prohibition concerns only the cat. Let’s hope for him that he won’t make any other deviations, for this time, Blizzard could totally ban his accounts!


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