Paris finally takes control

Triple change in Strasbourg

Perrin, Thomasson and Ajorque are replaced by Le Marchand, Sissoko and Diallo for the last twenty minutes.


Paris is already taking the break! Taking advantage of a huge error from Djiku in his back pass, Mbappé can present himself against Sels, alone in the middle. The top scorer in the championship is full of composure to offer himself a double, 3-1 for PSG!


Paris takes advantage! After a superb ball exit, Neymar delivers a caviar towards Mbappé on the left of the surface. Which center in one touch towards Hakimi, who concludes with a flat foot at close range, 2-1 for PSG!

Ajorque goes through a mouse hole

Finally offside, Ajorque had taken the depth before presenting himself against Donnarumma, completely eccentric on the left. His shot goes between the keeper and his left post before going along the goal line.

Very attacking Ramos

The Parisian defender is the player who has shot the most since kick-off, with 3 attempts, all off target.

Warned Liénard

The Strasbourg captain collects a card for a late intervention on Hakimi.

Free kick for PSG

From the left, Messi crosses to the near post where Perrin heads away. He is then jostled in the back by Ramos, sanctioned with a fault.

Prcic’s missile!

What inspiration from the Alsatian environment! Full axis 25 meters from the goal and not attacked, Prcic arms a heavy strike from the right, which grazes the skylight of Donnarumma…

The Blues find colors

Strasbourg obtains a first corner in this match. Liénard arms a powerful half-volley on the fallout, but the Parisian defense counters.

Bernat’s breakthrough

The Parisian side splits the axis of the Strasbourg defense and seeks to play with Neymar. The ball is cleared in disaster by Sels, with his foot.

Ramos’ funny choice

Invited to return the ball to Racing, Ramos hits hard from the center circle, while Sels was slightly advanced. The ball goes over the goal.

No penalty for PSG

Despite Nyamsi’s hand in Mbappé’s face, the striker will not be heard, since he slipped just before his opponent intervened.

Mbappé is looking for the penalty!

Once again found on the left side, Mbappé collides with Nyamsi in the area and stays on the ground…

Messi stumbles on Perrin

Paris recovers high and Neymar finds himself at the height of the full axis surface. He chooses to serve Messi on the left, whose cross shot is countered by Perrin.

Paris does not let go of the ball

Very long sequence of possession for PSG, which has not let go of the ball since the resumption of play. Sels ends up intervening in front of Bernat.

Here we go again at La Meinau!

Beginning of the second act between Strasbourg and Paris! No change at the break.

Half time!

The French champion is hooked by Strasbourg at the break! Former Parisian Gameiro scored very early on before Mbappé answered him on his 23rd goal of the season. Racing temporarily takes 5th place in the standings.

1 minute of additional time

Strasbourg is again in the Parisian camp in these last seconds of play.

Requested salts

Superb flight from the Belgian goalkeeper on a strong cross from Neymar from the right of the area. This settles in this end of the first act.

Bellegarde delight

Without momentum more than 30 meters from goal, Bellegarde seeks the skylight of the right. This passes a few centimeters from the Parisian left post!

Neymar misses his free kick

Despite the good positioning of the free kick, slightly to the left in front of the surface, Neymar sends his ball to the stands. He had looked for the open side.

Mbappé jostled

The Parisian striker asks for the one-two with Neymar and takes the axis. He is knocked down by Prcic, who is warned.

The game calms down

As the break approached, both teams slowed down slightly and could no longer make a difference in the truth zones. Possession is to the advantage of Paris (56%).

Donnarumma’s beautiful anticipation

Gameiro is still wanted in depth. Donnarumma anticipates and takes the ball with his head out of his area just in front of his vis-à-vis.

Strasbourg finds the ball

It’s been a few minutes that Racing has kept the ball in the opposing camp. Without however managing to worry the Parisian rearguard.

Guilbert fails

Taking advantage of the advantage left by the referee, Guilbert recovers the ball on the right side and crosses in first intention. It only falls behind Donnarumma’s goal.

Neymar takes his chance

Neymar wraps his ball from the right from outside the box towards the opposite corner. It lacks power to deceive Sels, watchful.

Mbappé dolphin of Cavani

By scoring his 130th goal in Ligue 1, Kylian Mbappé is the second best in the championship in the 21st century, 8 units behind Edinson Cavani.

Messi solicits Sels

The six-time Ballon d’Or strikes the free kick directly from 25 meters around the wall and with a vicious rebound in front of goal. Sels deflects the ball for a corner.

PSG is better

In the wake of the goal, the Parisians insist on the left side and on Mbappé, who obtains a corner. It does nothing, but PSG recovers a good free kick.


PSG equalize on their first chance! Neymar takes advantage of a recovery in midfield to launch Mbappé on the left. The Parisian striker makes his speed speak and presents himself against Sels, whom he deceives with a sharp point between the legs. 1-1!

Things are heating up between Neymar and Perrin

The Parisian striker reacts badly to a contact from the Strasbourg defender and commits a fault far from the ball. What does not please the Meinau. No card for the two men.

Bellegarde misses the target

At the end of the race, Bellegarde takes his chance from the right in the axis. His flat foot misses the frame.

Guilbert warns Liénard

The center of the right piston to the left is narrowly deflected by Hakimi at the far post. Liénard had already prepared his whim.

Ramos places his head

The first corner of the match is for PSG. Ramos is on reception of the ball but does not adjust his header, which goes clearly above.

Paris equals a sad record

The goal scored by Gameiro after exactly 2 minutes is the fastest conceded by PSG in Ligue 1, tied with that taken against Reims in 2018.

PSG without a solution

Despite regaining possession of the ball, the Parisian club has not yet shot on goal since the start of the match. But it’s slowly getting closer.

Danilo on the ground

The Portuguese midfielder is writhing in pain and we understand it: he received Thomasson’s crampons in the crotch. More fear than harm.

Big shock between Salts and Djiku

The Racing defender takes a few seconds to get up after a manly contact with his goalkeeper, who took the ball. Messi was wanted in front of goal.

Thomasson scores… offside!

There is fire in the Paris area! Ajorque is served in depth and hooks into the area before serving Thomasson in the middle, who deceives Donnarumma with a blocked shot. The flag rises for an illicit position of Ajorque.

Bellegarde called to order

The Strasbourg midfielder receives a warning for a blatant simulation in the Paris area.

Gameiro almost doubled!

The Strasbourg striker dives and tries to take a cross from the head in front of the goal! The ball passes a few centimeters from his skull.

Racing is still pushing

Carried by its public, Strasbourg still projects itself in the Parisian camp. The locals finally temporize and keep the ball.

Strasbourg in the lead, a guarantee of results

The Alsatian team have never lost this season at home after scoring the first goal of the game.


Gameiro is already crucifying his old team! Upon receiving a perfect opening from Perrin, the Strasbourg striker takes the depth on the right, plays with Kimpembe before lighting Donnarumma at close range. It’s under the bar, 1-0 for Strasbourg!

Paris settles down

After the first seconds to the advantage of Racing, the visitors keep the ball in the opposing camp.

Let’s go between Strasbourg and Paris!

The kick-off is given by M.Buquet in the very warm atmosphere of La Meinau!

Pochettino backtracks on his statement

Asked by Prime Video, the Parisian coach clarified his little sentence at a press conference, where he had indicated that he would be at the club like Mbappé next season. “This is not the message I gave, he points out. I answered for today, not for the next season. You have to listen to the question and the answer too”.

Keller provides an update on the transfer window

The Strasbourg president informs Prime Video at the microphone that Racing has exercised the purchase option for its central defender on loan from OM Lucas Perrin, “for three or four years”. Moreover, a departure from Ludovic Ajorque does not seem to be relevant for the moment. “We have refused a few offers in the past, he is a magnificent player and a top person, he explains. He still has two years of contract, we prefer to keep him. There is no economic obligation to sell it. If there is an interesting proposal, we will sit down to eat. You have to be correct”.

A spectacular first leg

On August 14, PSG won 4-2 against Strasbourg on the second day of the championship. Icardi, Ajorque (against his camp), Draxler and Sarabia had scored on the Parisian side.

La Meinau is already giving voice

20 minutes before the kick off of this Strasbourg-PSG!

Strasbourg writes its history

While it still has 4 games to play, Racing had not scored so many points in the league for 25 years. But a defeat, according to the results of its direct competitors, could limit its European hopes after its defeat against Lille (0-1).

Mbappé wants to stay on the throne

As for his last goal of the season, Kylian Mbappé has yet to secure his title as top scorer in Ligue 1. The striker has 22 goals, only one more than Martin Terrier. He is also the best passer in the championship (14) with a length ahead of Lionel Messi.

150th for Kimpembe

The Parisian central defender will play his 150th Ligue 1 match with his training club tonight.

The composition of PSG, in 3-4-3 with Bernat

Preferred to Nuno Mendes, Juan Bernat is aligned on the left, in a 3-4-3 pattern in which Sergio Ramos continues as a starter. The MNM is there in front. Navas started against Lens, this time it was Donnarumma who started.

Donnarumma – Marquinhos, Ramos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Danilo, Verratti, Bernat – Messi, Mbappe, Neymar.

The stadium is full

The Meinau stadium is sold out, as it has been since the start of 2022.


PSG will play in white but with their star

PSG will evolve this evening with its white but collector’s jersey, with the little star above the logo to symbolize the 10th title of champion of France validated this last weekend.


21 years ago…

Laurent Robert had scored a spectacular double against Strasbourg at La Meinau.

Strasbourg relies on its attackers

Ludovic Ajorque and Habib Diallo, 12 and 11 goals this season in Ligue 1, have already passed the 10 mark. Kevin Gameiro is currently at 9.

Anti-Qatar tags in Strasbourg

This Friday morning, employees of the RCSA supporters shop discovered anti-Qatar tags around the stadium. The action was claimed by the collective “Maquis Alsace Lorraine”, which is mobilizing for the boycott of the World Cup in Qatar.

Kick off at 9 p.m.

Strasbourg receives this Friday evening at La Meinau Paris Saint-Germain, crowned last week against Lens. A decisive meeting for the Alsatians, 6th at 1 point from Nice and 3 from Rennes and Monaco.

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