Paris: the lawyer who filmed under the skirts sentenced to one year in prison suspended

The lawyer Patrick T., ex-partner of a large Parisian business firm, was sentenced this Thursday at the beginning of the afternoon to a one-year suspended prison sentence by the Paris Criminal Court for having filmed and photographed under the skirts of an intern and two collaborators, in 2014 and 2019. A sentence in line with that required, on July 1, by the prosecution. Patrick T. was also ordered to pay the complainants damages of between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, as well as one euro to two partners in his former firm.

Solicited, the advice of the 59-year-old lawyer, My Jacqueline Laffont and Christian Charrière-Bournazel, did not wish to comment. They nevertheless informed the Parisian that they had already appealed. For his part, Me Joseph Hazan, the lawyer for one of the three complainants, welcomed the news with “relief and satisfaction”. “The court gave judicial credibility to my client’s version, which was the subject, throughout the two hearings, of particularly virulent disputes. This confirms the courage she had to file a complaint, ”welcomed the lawyer.

Two endless days of hearing

The first day of this trial before chamber 10-2 of the Paris Criminal Court, on January 8, ended – after eight hours of debate and a parade of witnesses called by the defense – by a dismissal for additional information . Two computer expertises later, the hearing resumed on Thursday, July 1, for nearly nine hours.

The case began after a complaint was filed by a young trainee from the prestigious law firm in August 2019. While she was in the office of Patrick T., a renowned lawyer specializing in social law, she had heard the characteristic sound of a smartphone video starting, and had seen the renowned labor lawyer with his phone between his legs, the lens pointing up at the ceiling. His complaint had awakened other testimonies, including those of two other young women, who became civil parties. All of them delivered stories with the same scenario at the helm.

At the hearing, Patrick T., sure of himself, had vigorously proclaimed his innocence, considering himself the victim of a plot hatched by a rival social law team within the firm. Shortly after the start of the procedure, the fifty-something had left the cabinet. He is now a partner in another Paris firm.

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