Parisiennes fail to react

Penalty for PSG?

The VAR comes into action again, but in the end, there will be no penalty for PSG, but a ninth corner.

Endler’s big parade!

Christiane Endler intervenes on a volley from Sara Dabritz! Behind, PSG insists and obtains a new corner, after a strike from Paulina Dudek countered!

Endler gets caught

Christiane Endler comes very far from her goal, but Kadidiatou Diani comes out of it, before seeing Wendie Renard concede the corner.

First yellow card of the game

It is Selma Bacha who is warned, after a foul on Kadidiatou Diani.

Diani, in the small net!

Kadidiatou Diani, in the penalty area, shoots, but his ball ends up in the side netting!

Ninth strike for OL

It is the work of Melvine Malard, but the frame slips away.

PSG change goalkeeper

Barbora Votikova gives way to Charlotte Voll. Ramona Bachmann also replaces Laurina Fazer.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and OL engaged.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, OL lead on the lawn of PSG (0-1), thanks to a goal from Ada Hegerberg (14th).

The corners are linked

This time it’s a seventh corner for PSG.

New corner for OL

Facing Ellie Carpenter, Paulina Dudek concedes the corner. Barbora Votikova is not at her best, while Charlotte Voll, who has warmed up, is in uniform.

Votikova gets up

The game resumes, with a six-yarder.

Votikova collapsed

In her penalty area, Barbora Votikova collapsed on her own, holding on to one knee. The healers are at his side.

Malard misses!

Searched in depth, Melvine Malard cannot adjust her recovery, for a ball that slips by.

Penalty for OL?

We claim a Parisian hand on the previous action, but ultimately, there will be no penalty on this mess.

It’s hot on the Parisian goal!

After a corner taken from the right to the left, Amandine Henry, at the far post, heads the ball, full axis. Behind, PSG is doing well, while Wendie Renard was prowling!

Second corner for OL

OL want to drive the point home, just before the break.

Lawrence does not fit

Ashley Lawrence can shoot, but it’s off target.

OL manages

The Lyonnaises have extinguished the Parisiennes, who are struggling to express themselves.

Fox does not fit

From the right to the left, Selma Bacha hits the corner and deposits the ball, at the far post, on the head of Wendie Renard, who does not fit.

Corner for OL

From a distance, Catarina Macario takes her chance, but Paulina Dudek counters her and concedes the corner.

The public is heard

The encouragement is there for PSG. Parisiennes are struggling to create danger.

Ownership for…

… PSG (63% against 37% for OL).

The Parisian environment in difficulty

The Parisian midfielder is in great difficulty, facing the Lyon midfielder, who is above, for the moment.

Cascarino misses his duel!

Delphine Cascarino can infiltrate the penalty area and presents herself alone against Barbora Votikova. The Parisian goalkeeper is doing well!

New corner for PSG

Fifth corner for PSG, who will try to equalize on their strong point.

PSG tries to react

PSG are trying to resume their habits from the start of the game and settle in front of the opposing penalty area.

Malard attempts an acrobatic gesture

In the penalty area, Melvine Malard tries the acrobatic recovery, but she misses. The ball then ends up returning to his feet. Her shot is too crushed and Barbora Votikova can grab the ball.

And 58 for the Norwegian!

Ada Hegerberg, top scorer in the history of the competition, scored her 58th goal in the Champions League.

Opening of the score for OL!!!!

After a cross from Selma Bacha from the left, Ada Hegerberg, in the penalty area, finds the opposite corner with a header!!!

Baltimore-Carpenter duel

On the right side, it is finally Ellie Carpenter who has the last word.

Big return of Fox

After a lost Lyon ball, Kadidiatou Diani is sought in depth, after a quick recovery. Wendie Renard is vigilant and cuts the trajectory of the ball.

OL go on the attack

After ten complicated first minutes, OL are trying to build their game and project themselves forward.

Parisiennes in good shape

PSG started this part perfectly well, and put their foot on the ball.

PSG continues

Amandine Henry, under opposing pressure, concedes a new corner, then a fourth in stride!

The flag rises…

Sara Dabritz has been flagged for offside. The referee let play and PSG gets a new corner.

First corner for PSG

The two teams are starting to put their game in place little by little.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and PSG engaged.

The banners of the Parisian supporters

“Take these colors to Turin”

“Proud of our colors and proud of our players”

The banner of Parisians to encourage women, April 30, 2022 © DR

Mbappé expected at the stadium

Kylian Mbappé expected at the Park this evening to support the women.


Barça qualified for the final

The winner of the match between PSG and OL will face Barça (defending champion) in the final

The eleven of Parisiennes

Votikova; Lawrence, Ilestedt, Dudek, Karchaoui; Fazer, Geyoro, Dabritz; Diani, Katoto, Baltimore.

The Lyon squad

Endler; Carpenter, Mbock, Renard, Bacha; Henry, Horan, Macario; Malard, Hegerberg, Cascarino.


Lyon “serene and confident”

Olympique Lyonnais come “serene and confident” against Paris Saint-Germain “with the ambition to win”, Lyon coach Sonia Bompastor said on Friday. “Everything was done for the girls to recover well physically and mentally. The club organized things well. We won and that allowed us to prepare for the comeback in a serene and confident way. At kick-off, we qualified , these are elements that should give us confidence,” she said. She also recognized the “mental strength” of PSG, yet parasitized by extra-sporting events this season. If “Paris is going through difficult times in the cohesion and dynamics of its group”, it remains a “high-performance team with individualities present, which wins and remains in its objectives”, said the Lyon coach, “focused 100% “on the European Cup match on Sunday, rather than the league match which will follow at the end of May.

A shock under high tension for the PSG

The week in Paris has been turbulent, after an altercation in training last Saturday before the first leg lost 3-2 in Lyon, then the withdrawal for a few days of Kheira Hamraoui, involved in the incident and absent for the double confrontation against OL. “All the players say it, we lived a year that was not easy. We remained strong in our heads and focused on our objectives”, resumed Geyoro on the eve of the semi-final return to the Parc des princes. The absence of Hamraoui, whose aggression in November in the presence of his teammate Aminata Diallo continues to shake up the locker room, modifies the plans of coach Didier Ollé-Nicolle, but he did not wish to make a subject of it. adult on the eve of the meeting. “In all the teams, a player is missing at a key moment. That’s how it is, we have to find a solution,” he told the press, insisting on “the consistency of the performances” of the team.

Good evening everyone

Welcome to our site to follow the Champions League semi-final second leg between PSG and OL live and in full in a jam-packed Parc des Princes. Nearly 40,000 spectators are expected to support the Parisiennes. A historic influx that could give Didier Ollé-Nicolle’s players wings or just as well cut their legs. “I’m still hoping for a magical evening,” enthused PSG captain Grace Geyoro on Friday.

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