Payment terminal scam in Cannes, bar and restaurant owners defrauded

It’s an ingenious, non-violent scam that can cost the bosses dearly: a simple exchange of bank card machines. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of euros. In Cannes, traders have filed a complaint.

A few seconds of inattention and the scammer steals the payment terminal (TPE) from the bar or restaurant with his bank card device.

The thief makes the exchange with a TPE hidden under his T-shirt, in a banana bag.

In Cannes, since the discovery of this scam, the concern of restaurant and bar professionals has grown. A fraud that began before the Cannes Film Festival.

Jean-Pierre Guillory has 4 establishments in the city of the Festival. He is one of the scammed traders and iHe is still surprised not to have seen anything!

Nor is it possible for the servers to realize the deception because the TPE machine is identical.

The trader thinks that the brands and models of the devices were spotted before being stolen.

Consequence: all payments made on the exchanged terminal go to another bank account. The scammer collects the money for drinks or meals directly into a legal account. For his part, the boss does not notice right away that he lacks money in his cash box. For the boss of Morrison’s Lounge, the fraud lasted two weeks.

Jean-Pierre Guillory explains: “I was convinced that it was a technical problem, that it was a bad connection problem. I would never have imagined this kind of scam”.

In Cannes, a dozen bars and restaurants would have been victims of this scam. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of euros. The Cannes restaurateurs union calls on traders to be vigilant.

In order not to fall into the trap, Alain Lahouti gives advice: “you must systematically check the ticket that comes out of your TPE device to ensure that it is indeed the device of your establishment where the specificities of your company are mentioned”.

He also alerted restaurateurs via social networks, on the Umih 06 Facebook account:

Generally, at At the end of the service, merchants press a special key to output the total for the day, the remote collection. On this general ticket, no details about the company. You have to check on the customer tickets, one by one. That’s what the owner of Morrison’s Lounge did.

When he received the email from the union, Jean-Pierre Guillory checked everything in detail. And on some tickets, it was not the name of his company that appeared, but that of another company based in Seine-et-Marne, in Moissy-Cramayel: “Fourni Pro”.

According to the union, the fraud is still relevant on the Côte d’Azur.

The photo of a man circulates among traders. He was spotted by police on CCTV tapes. Given the scale of the fraud, there could be other accomplices. This type of scam is not new. We find similar facts in the Paris region.

Already, in September 2019, an article in the newspaper “Le Parisien” claimed that scams at payment terminals are on the increase. A specialist investigator Explain : “It’s not new, but for years it’s been rather rare because you have to have real computer skills.”

In the meantime, the only parade for the servers: never to take your eyes off the credit card machine. As for the bosses, they have to randomly check one of the tickets to be sure that the TPE terminal is really theirs.

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