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Pet-sitter, she keeps animals at home around Boiscommun

“It’s more of a passion that develops.” In 2018, Kimberley Besse created, CroMignon45, his pet care company (dogs, cats, farm animals etc.) at private homes. She is what is called a “pet-sitter”.

During the holidays, the weekend or even during the week, some people choose to leave without taking their animals. This is where the 27-year-old comes in. living in Boiscommun, it travels within a radius of 30 kilometers. “I go to their house in the morning or in the evening depending on the customer’s request, to feed their animal and walk it. I manage.”

Kimberley works in parallel as a specialized territorial agent for nursery schools (Atsem) for almost ten years in Puiseaux. “It’s practical because I have school holidays as well as public holidays. I also enjoy working with children. Pet sitting is a plus.” This situation suits him.

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A rain of qualifications

In her luggage, she has a professional canine and feline breeding baccalaureate obtained in Normandy, a rescue certificate for canines and felines and a certificate of aptitude to take care of category 1 and 2 dogs. “I worked for a year and a half on a farm during my studies. I learned a lot.” However, it is not in this sector that she wanted to practice.

Before fully launching its pet sitting business, Kimberley was accompanied by a company incubator. “It’s a structure that helps entrepreneurs. I received support for 18 months.”

About sixty customers

On January 1, 2020, it takes off, after having developed its network during the previous two years. “I have about sixty clients. It works a lot by word of mouth.” Like other sectors, the Covid-19 crisis has shaken its activity. “People didn’t need to use my service.” It is also for this reason thatshe wants to keep her job as Atsem. “It reassures me because animal care is seasonal,” she admits.

Among the projects in mind, she plans, one day, to set up a pension. “I’m on the road a lot. My goal is to spend more time with the animals.”

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