Peta flies in the feathers of the City of Tonneins

“It’s painful…” In response to this interpellation “beside the plate”, the first city councilor sighs. “The pigeons are a real scourge for our buildings” and would be nearly 15,000 to squat the town. “Slaughtering with rifles is only one alternative among others and we do it legally within the framework of a prefectural decree”, indicates Dante Rinaudo. “We don’t shoot like that in the streets. In addition, the agents of the City of Tonneins practice trapping followed by euthanasia. “The lead is just a plus in the fight against the pigeons. »

Non-violent alternatives

Peta proposes to inform the municipality on more ethical and effective “non-violent” methods. “We can modify the environment to make it less attractive to these animals, put in place bans on feeding pigeons in certain places and install contraceptive dovecotes, this has been done for a long time in other cities”, explains a communicator from the association, Anissa Putois.

“We have dovecotes, it doesn’t work,” retorts Dante Rinaudo. The Lot-et-Garonne mayor is not the only one to have been challenged by anti-speciesists who have launched a campaign in favor of these “feathered doggies” endowed, they say, with “excellent results in the mirror test, supposed to measure self-awareness, can count, recognize different human faces”.

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