Philippe Etchebest made a decision after the boss set the restaurant on fire!

The host of Nightmare in the kitchen has once again come to the rescue of a restaurant in difficulty. He then made a radical decision that no one expected…

Philippe Etchebest went to a restaurant in La Chapelle-Launay in Loire-Atlantique. He was in a difficult situation. The boss’s son then called the Cauchemar host in the kitchen.

After noting the situation of the restaurant, the latter would have taken a radical decision. So what is this ingenious idea that he has concocted? What was the situation then in this rather particular restaurant? Read this article to learn a little more about this incredible situation…

A restaurant in difficulty for an episode of Nightmare in the kitchen

There was a rather special fact in the episode of Cauchemar en cuisine on Wednesday, June 22. Chef Philippe Etchebest has indeed met a restaurateur named Raphaël. The latter is the owner ofa restaurant in La Chapelle-Launay in the department of Loire-Atlantique.

This restaurant was in very bad shape. Raphaël’s 12-year-old son, Gabriel, then called Philippe Etchebest, the host of the program Cauchemar en cuisine. Indeed, the restaurant has no more salary paid to employees since five years. The 6,000 m2 restaurant was completely empty when Philippe arrived. Which is really a disastrous situation for a restaurant of this size.

The host of Cauchemar en Cusine, Phililppe Etchebest wanted to estimate the damage in the restaurant when it is full. He then invited about twenty customers for dinner. But things didn’t go as he had hoped. Also, the service was truly abysmal.

First, the waitress was not performing her duties at all. She was unaware of what she should serve. Moreover, the boss Raphaël, a bit of a novice according to appearances, provoked a fire in the fireplace before fleeing. In short, literally and figuratively, it was truly a nightmare in the kitchen. The situation had become surreal.

What did Philippe Etchebest decide to do in this restaurant?

Faced with such a situation, the employees were truly overwhelmed. They were unable to get the dishes out of the kitchen. The host of Nightmare in the kitchen then had a good idea. He organized a auction of the remaining dishes. He then shouted to the customers that the first one raising a finger will be served. There was indeed a carbonara left in the kitchen.

Philippe Etchebest, the famous host of Cauchemar en cusine, continued by telling customers to be ready for the next issue. Fortunately, everything went well and calm has returned for Raphaël and his employees. Philippe’s intervention was then beneficial for this restaurant.

Viewers also noticed that the boss looked a lot like Patrick Timsit. Except of course he was bald. But they had the same intonation and the same voice. Some even wrote on Twitter that Patrick Timsit took a big hit! Others have argued that it was really a look-alike of Patrick Timsit.

Note, however, that the host of Cauchemar en cuisine noticed that there was grime on cooking appliances. He had Chief Raphaël mention it. He also encountered the dirtiest kitchen in the show’s history last week. Such insalubrities have repercussions on the proper functioning of catering establishments.

Nightmare in the kitchen: it was a radical decision for the chef

Raphael could not see the end of the tunnel. However, he is helped by his chef and his waitress. The restaurant was in a difficult situation. This is due to the fact that the restaurant is sometimes empty, that there were no customers. The host of Cauchemar en cuisine then put things back in place in this rather special restaurant.

Indeed, Raphaël and his small team found serenity after this somewhat surreal experience. I have to say that this decision was radical for the animator of Cauchemar en cuisine. But thanks to his intervention and his brilliant idea, everything is back to normal in this restaurant. And as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.

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