Pierre Ménès breaks the silence after the postponement of his trial

Accused of three alleged sexual assaults, former Canal + journalist Pierre Ménès was to see his trial begin on Wednesday. Finally, it was postponed to March 8, 2023, in almost a year. And this postponement does not at all please the principal concerned, who made it known during a long interview granted to the Parisian : “definitely wrong. It’s been six months that the suspicion is on me. And six months that I am silent. And there, I resume for a year. Meanwhile, slander and lies may continue to spread, on social media and elsewhere. Professionally, it hurts me, because my image is tarnished. What is unfortunate is that the court did not take this into account. A friend who was supposed to testify on my behalf came from Geneva for nothing today. My lawyer had an abscess in her eye, she came anyway… It’s terrible to play with people’s lives like that.

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Pierre Ménès also agreed to return to the famous affair at the Parc des Princes. “Frankly, with everything that fell on me, with the Canal + affair, to go and fiddle with a girl’s breast in the second half of a match — there were a few people at that time – there who came back in the gallery – you still have to be the king of the irresponsible or the king of the obsessed. But I understand public opinion, with the accumulation of things… It makes me an ideal culprit. (…) If I had really touched the bosom of this hostess at the Parc des Princes, yes I would understand that she was disturbed. But I did not do it”added the 58-year-old man.

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