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pitbull dog can’t believe she sees her mistress after a year on the streets

While Kelly Shade was doing some repairs on her house a year ago, one of the workers there forgot to close the door, and unfortunately her dog Gracie ran away at the noise of the construction.

When Gracie escaped through the gate that day, Kelly was distraught at not finding her, and searched the neighborhood for her; the woman was really sad, and worried that something had happened to Gracie.

Kelly told The Dodo:

“We posted flyers everywhere and offered a reward. She has a microchip, but the microchip is an identifier rather than a locator. We were hoping someone would find her, take her to the vet, and get her scanned for a microchip. »


The dog can’t believe she’s seeing her mom again

As the months passed, Kelly began to lose hope of ever seeing her beloved dog again. She remembers getting a lot of calls, but none were about Gracie. About a year after her disappearance, Katie Campbell, a rescue worker who tracks down and helps stray dogs in the Chicago area, received a call from a friend.

Apparently, a black and white pit bull had visited the home of a woman named Polly Ellison, looking for food. The woman had fed the dog twice a day, but she didn’t seem very receptive to help.

Katie recounts:

“She told me a bit about the dog’s habits, how scared she was. I installed a WiFi trail camera and then a regular trail camera to document if and when she came to eat. »

female dog

Thanks to the cameras, Katie was able to discover that the pit bull dog was passing by on Thursday, so she decided to set a trap in hopes of catching her. She set everything up and left a delicious meal as bait.

Katie then clarifies:

“We set up the trap with hot roast beef and Vienna sausages and off we went. The dog knew my car, so we didn’t want her to feel like we were watching her.”

Then she added:

“It took her about 10 minutes and she was in! We were parked half a block away and my camera vibrated, I saw the photo she was in and we grabbed her”.

female dog

It was a success; the dog succumbed to the delicious food and threw herself on it. The rescuer immediately took her home and offered her food and water; the dog happily wagged her tail and rested her head on Katie’s shoulder in gratitude.

The woman scanned the dog for a microchip and was even happier when it beeped in response.

Katie made a call to the company microchips, and it turned out to be Gracie. The lifeguard called Kelly, who was crying tears of joy. Katie was thrilled to hear that everything was going to be fine for Gracie and Kelly.

pit bull

Katie recounts her call:

“I reassured her that Gracie was safe and after reassuring her and after mutual tears I texted her a picture of Gracie and she sent me her address and we planned to meet up. to encounter. Because Gracie had been on the streets for so long, she was understandably tired and I’m sure the whole thing was probably overwhelming for her. »

As soon as the day of the reunion arrived, and Gracie got to see her mother, her excitement was enormous. Even though a year had passed, the adorable pit bull dog was so happy that all the exhaustion immediately disappeared.

Then she adds:

“Gracie approached her mistress and as soon as she smelled Kelly, she was all excited. She started moving up and down, jumping up and down, spinning around Kelly. It was the most wonderful thing to see. »

Kelly was so excited, she couldn’t believe the dog was finally back by her side. Having him back was the best thing in the world.

Kelly added:

“It was like a scene from a movie. You always see and hear amazing stories like this, but for it to happen to me, I found it a bit surreal. Even now, when I watch the video, I’m like, “Wow, that really happened.” Gracie is finally home. »

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