players are fascinated by this nugget… and their cats too!

The new kid from the Annapurna studio does not fail to make people talk about him, so much so that even the cats of many homes are a fan of him.

The famous stray took some time, but the wait was worth it. Officially announced two years ago, the title from the Montpellier studio BlueTwelve published by Annapurna is a real success. Although very short (about 5 hours of play to reach the end of the adventure), the game stands out for its distinguished artistic direction and its absolutely adorable little protagonist: a little alley cat with a red coat.

Available since July 19 on PlayStation 4, 5 and PC, stray managed to win over gamers thanks to the attention to detail brought to its gameplay. Everything about this game is designed to provide an experience worthy of a stray cat’s life. Unsurprisingly, this originality is a real hit and the game has already garnered thousands of positive ratings on Steam. The fidelity of the title is perhaps due to Murtaugh, a stray cat found by the founders of the studio who will have inspired them this video game project.

Scratching the walls, meowing relentlessly and knocking objects off the tables: it’s all there. The immersion offered by the title does not fail to attract the attention of players, but the content of the game also seems to appeal to certain pets…

They are feline for each other

Within days (or even hours) of the game’s release, cat videos reacting to Annapurna’s latest addition are flooding Twitter. The reactions are so numerous that a Twitter account reserved for the publication of these excerpts has emerged under the name of @CatsWatchStray (literally “cats look stray”).

Some reactions are surprising as the cats find themselves deceived by the realism of Stray’s felines. Using the button “meow” implemented in the game must surely have something to do with it, but the videos are adorable nonetheless. Who would have thought that a simple video game could turn into a real meow-to-play experience to share with your cat(s) ? In any case, stray is a nugget not to be missed, already available for free in PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions or sold at the very low price of €26.99 on the PlayStation Store and Steam.

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