Ponies in a barn without light, cages full of excrement: animals seized in Aiseau-Presles

Twenty animals – dogs, cats and even ponies – were seized Thursday evening in Aiseau-Presles, Hainaut. The animals were cared for by the protective society of Charleroi. Seizures that are increasingly common, and that happen almost every day.

Three ponies lived in a barn with no light. Animals wading through excrement… Cages, litters that haven’t been maintained for months. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs… Twenty animals were taken care of. Neglected for too long, equines had to receive emergency care. “Here, we are disinfecting the pony’s feet because his feet were in such a catastrophic state that when we trimmed his feet – he really had slippers – we unfortunately hurt a little bit the sole of the foot so I am disinfecting”explains Anais Errante, veterinarian.

However, there are systems to accompany and support owners who feel overwhelmed. “I think that people are not aware, they are perhaps not well aware of this device that exists. And then, they let themselves be overwhelmed very quickly. And given this style of species, like rabbits or this kind of thing, it reproduces at an incredible and exponential speed, like cats”explains Michel Moreau, veterinarian in charge.

The refuge is completely full

Seizures are more and more frequent, sometimes daily. To accommodate mistreated, neglected or abandoned animals, every available room is used. “Here, it’s our cafeteria in normal times. But since we have a lot of rabbits at the moment, we have transformed the room into accommodation for our rabbits”says Michèle Vandersmissen, president of the Charleroi SPA.

The situation is such that the SPA had to refuse to take care of around twenty rabbits this Friday, following another seizure due to negligence. “It’s catastrophic, both in terms of dogs, cats, rodents, sheep animals… The shelter is completely full. It’s only July 2 and it’s only going to start the abandonment of the holidays”continues the president of the shelter.

The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) does not practice euthanasia. If places do not become available thanks to adoptions, refusals of support are likely to multiply this summer.

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