possible food poisoning in a school, a dozen sick children

The children started to feel bad shortly after lunch. The school administration had to call the fire department.

Stomach aches, body aches… The symptoms appeared very quickly after lunch at the Aimé Césaire school group, in the Nice district of Saint-Roch. A dozen children, aged 6 to 9, suffered from this sudden illness at the start of the afternoon, learned BFM Nice Côte d’Azur.

Worried, the teachers and management contacted the emergency services. SAMU and firefighters intervened but no student had to be hospitalized. Sick children were returned to their parents in the afternoon.

A “strange” looking apple pie

According to a first diagnosis, it would be food poisoning. The canteen menu included, among other things, this afternoon: cucumbers, carrots, eggs and cheese.

But for the school children, it was the apple pie that would have made them sick. Several students assured BFM Nice Côte d’Azur that the dessert looked “strange”. So much so that some even refused to eat it.

For its part, the municipality affirmed that it intended to carry out the investigation to identify the offending product. “The dishes have been made available as well as the traceability elements to go for analysis in a lab”, she declared to Nice morningalso specifying that it had warned the Regional Health Agency and the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations.

Corentin Marabeuf and Laurene Rocheteau

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