Product recall: a favorite food of children suspected of being contaminated with Listeria!

A recall in hunting in another! Food vigilance is required with product recalls. For many consumers, shopping is a journey full of pitfalls! If multiple cases concern only minor risks, a recall can just as easily concern a serious contamination. The consequences can sometimes be disastrous. This is the case, for example, of the Buitoni frozen pizza scandal. It is also difficult not to mention the recall of Kinder chocolates by Ferrero. In the latter case, it was salmonella contamination. These products, which are very popular with families, especially with children, carry real health risks even with reduced consumption. A new recall hits another reference sold in supermarkets. This is also a bestseller among children. But it should not be consumed!

A reminder that invites us to review our consumption patterns!

This recall involves Le Gaulois brand chicken Chichis. They could be contaminated with listeria. These poultry meat sticks are sold in 200 g sachets. They can be found in the fresh section of various supermarkets. The GTIN number (barcode) is 3266980805111. The batch number concerned is the 133. The use-by date is 08/06/2022 As with every official recall, all the information is listed on the government’s Rappel Conso site. You will find detailed and up-to-date fact sheets on the recalled products. These chicken frills were sold between 05/14/2022 and 06/08/2022 throughout France. supermarkets Leclerc, System U, Carrefour, Auchan, Casino, Franprix, Intermarch√©, Cora are concerned. If you are customers of these brands and think you have purchased this product, caution is required.

This reminder stipulates that you should not consume these chicken frills from the Gaulois brand. You can bring them back to the store for a refund. If you think you’ve eaten it, don’t panic. Watch out for some symptoms: fever, isolated or accompanied by headache and body aches. If so, see your doctor as soon as possible. Complications are rare, but can have very serious consequences, especially in pregnant women. The brand’s consumer service can be reached at 0243626415. This reminder, like many others, undoubtedly invites us to rethink the type of products we consume on a daily basis. Heavily processed products carry many health risks. Their manufacturing processes also accentuate potential contamination. It may be time to eat fresher and healthier!

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