Product recall: after Buittoni pizzas and Kinder eggs… A new food scandal

The health authorities are currently on guard duty after the scandal caused by many products sold on the shelves of supermarkets. It all started with Buittoni pizzas which had been the subject of a massive consumer recall. This, after a bacteria harmful to the human body was detected among its ingredients. Shortly after, Kinder eggs, which are very popular for Easter celebrations, suffered the same fate. This time, consumers’ attention is drawn to E.Leclerc salmon tail fillets.

Leclerc salmon fillets: risk of Listeria

Information dated April 25 reports that E.Leclerc salmon tail fillets had been affected by a consumer recall. The reason ? These products are suspected of containing listeria. This bacterium responsible for listeriosis is likely to cause the onset of aggravated forms of the disease in some patients. That’s why these salmon tail fillets are on the list of foods not to eat. This, until the mystery concerning their origin is elucidated.

Listeriosis is characterized by headaches and fever accompanied by body aches. If this ever happens to you, do not hesitate to contact a doctor directly. The latter will guide you on the procedures and treatments to follow. Much more serious forms can, however, occur in pregnant women. Immunocompromised or elderly people are also exposed to these severe forms.

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