Product recall: Purina brand cat food should not be consumed

The food brand intended for pets has withdrawn some of its products concerned by a risk of the presence of a dangerous residue.

After pizzas, chocolates… make way for croquettes. Reminder Conso launched an alert this Friday, July 8 for pet owners.

And more precisely for those who have kittens.

Indeed, the presence of possible traces of a residue (2-CE) resulting from the water treatment used by one of the suppliers of the Purina brand and which could present a danger for the animal if the product were ingested.

The products concerned

These are 400 g, 3 kg or 10 kg packets of Purina® Pro Plan®, Original Kitten 1 to 12 months rich in chicken sold throughout France for young cats.

The croquettes were marketed between November 20, 2021 and until April 13.

The list of references affected by the recall

GTIN 7613036505307, Lot 1325091108, expiration date 05/31/2023

GTIN 7613036505307, Lot 1351091108, expiration date 06/30/2023

GTIN 7613036505277, Lot 1324091104, expiration date 05/31/2023

GTIN 7613036545099, Lot 1325091106, expiration date 05/31/2023

What to do ?

It is advisable not to give the product to your pet, to destroy it and to contact consumer service on 0800 22 64 62 for reimbursement, but also in the event of a problem.

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