Provinces. Will the Burger King restaurant be able to open?

In the south of Seine-et-Marne, the Burger King brand is present near all major towns except Provins and Fontainebleau. The American fast food chain has a restaurant in Nemours, Cesson, Lieusaint, Varennes-sur-Seine near Montereau-Fault-Yonne and Vaux-le-Pénil near Melun (©DR)

Burger King will she be able to open a restaurant in Provins (Seine-et-Marne) ? In any case, this is what the 150 signatories of a petition launched last fall, asking for the opening of a “house of whopper in the medieval city. “We confirm our interest in the city of Provins, but it is still too early to project the outcome to date”, had also confirmed the American fast food brand.

But eight months later, not the slightest trace of theestablishment, which must see the light of day on a plot of nearly 4 000 m2 along the RD1Enear the Lidl and the center ofmedical imaging of Provinois. If a promise of sale has been signed with two landowners on the 21 June 2021, the administrative procedures concerning the building permit are still in progress.

“We have been working for over a year. We filed a building permit on June 28, 2021, but it was refused by the town hall of Provins on November 10, “explains Cédric Lacout, development director of the Bertrand Group, which operates the Burger King brand in France. The reasons given?

In accordance with the town’s local urban plan, we were told that we had to plant trees with tall stems. So we proposed cypresses, but the town hall felt that it was not right.

Cedric LacoutDirector of Development for Groupe Bertrand, which operates the Burger King brand in France

“Frenchify the English words on the facade”

The company therefore filed a second building permit on December 27, 2021, adapting to the requests of the town hall. But again, the municipality would have requested additional information: waiting time at the drive, estimated number of cars and the French translation of the names inscribed in English on the facade of the restaurant.

“We accepted, even if we’ve never seen that…”, confides Cédric Lacout, who is surprised that the town hall has not responded to any of the seven meeting requests submitted by Groupe Bertrand. The departmental council would also have expressed reservations as manager of the RD1E:

“He asks us to create a single access for entrances and exits in order to avoid deviant behavior, the establishment of a one-way traffic, and wonders about the flow of rainwater, specifies Cédric Lacout. . The Department explained that the asphalt was going to be redone and that we could not dig a trench during the next three years… We are therefore going to adapt once again by proposing to create, if it is feasible, a flow of water under the asphalt. »

18 February 2022, Burger King France added the new additional documents requested to the file. The legal deadline ford instructiona building permit being 5 months plus 3 months of purge period, thecompany awaits the response of the municipality of Provins by the 17th July 2022.

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We have the impression that the City does nothing for us to come. However, the restaurant would report fiscally to the municipality and would allow the creation of 80 jobs (read box below). This is not nothing for a city of 12,000 inhabitants. Anyway, we will go to the end of our approach.

Cedric LacoutDirector of Development for Groupe Bertrand, which operates the Burger King brand in France

The town hall of Provins, it will not decide before the end of the instruction of the building permit.

80 jobs at stake

The project to open a Burger King restaurant in Provins provides for the creation of 80 jobs, including 35 full-time equivalents: “The rest are flexible jobs, adaptable according to the availability of employees, specifies Cédric Lacout, Group Development Director Bertrand, which operates the Burger King brand in France. This is a real plus for students or people who want to work with flexibility. »


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