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Puppies who had been abandoned in the garbage couldn’t contain their joy at being rescued

Last week, a man visited the San Antonio Pets Alive veterinary clinic with the intention of returning two three-month-old puppies. The staff suggested to take them to a local shelter, but four hours later they discovered he had abandoned them in a dumpster.

An employee of a nearby butcher shop opened the dumpster, was surprised to find them there, and immediately contacted the clinic, whose supervisor immediately went to help them. The puppies were very grateful to have been rescued.

Clinic Director Kylie Brasher said:

“They immediately hugged our kennel manager and were the happiest when we offered them food and love. We gave them baths because they were covered in fleas and we realized it was a new experience for them – they preferred food! »

© San Antonio Pets Alive

They were malnourished, had ringworm and other parasites. They were called Crockett and Bowie, the latter doing everything he could to protect his brothercovering him with his body to keep him warm.

Kylie explains as follows:

“When Crockett wasn’t eating, Bowie would take pieces of his kibble and put them next to his face. I’ve never seen a puppy do that. Their bond is so heartwarming.

Crockett, in addition to illnesses, suffers from canine parvovirus. So he had to be separated from his brother.

Abandoned puppies in trash were happy to be rescued

© San Antonio Pets Alive

Both puppies have a long way to go to recover, but they will surely get there and be able to find a suitable home.

Kylie adds:

“Now that the puppies have full bellies and are undergoing treatment for medical issues, they are extremely affectionate and playful. We are hopeful for a full recovery. Crockett is feeling more adventurous now and scales the door to his cage to get the staff’s attention. »

As Crockett fights against parvovirusBowie waits to be reunited with him and receives all the love from his rescuers.

Kylie then clarifies:

“Bowie likes you to hold him on his back like a baby while you rub his tummy – he also gives very polite little nose kisses! “.

When both puppies are fully recovered, they will be available for adoption. If you want to help the clinic cover Crockett and Bowie’s medical bills, you can go here.

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